Explanation of 3C
  • Mission
    • The mission of the SMH is to provide compassionate health care of the highest quality and to foster the group practice of medicine”
  • Vision
    • To provide outstanding patient care, based upon the principles of co-operation, compassion, commitment and innovation” Our values form the foundation of the SMH culture
  • Collaboration
    • The phrase “to act as a unit” forms the basis of the SMH group practice. This value, established as a guiding principle when the SMH was founded, ensures that all patients will benefit from the collective wisdom of a team of health care professional.
  • Quality
    • A commitment to quality has created the SMH’s legacy of achievements and innovations resulting in excellent and cost effective patient care. Locally, in Vadodara the SMH has taken a leadership role in establishing standards for measuring and reporting guidelines for quality health care
  • Integrity
    • An adherence to scientific and professional integrity are the ethical cornerstones that underline our delivery of patient care and administrative management.
  • Compassion
    • A commitment to compassionate care includes a respect for our patients and their family’s need for emotional support during their illnesses. The SMH believes in providing the highest level of services to its patients and families
  • Commitment
    • As an institution, the SMH recognizes its responsibilities to the community in which it resides, and to the trustees (Directors) who oversee the management of its resources.
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