We respect patients and their well being as a paramount consideration. Our dedicated team of receptionist are available 24 X 7 to assist patient and relative with admission process. At the time of admission patient or relative, may asked few question to make process of admission simple and smooth. We always request patients to bring all necessary reports, test or any past medical history etc. based on the information provided, you will get personalised file. You need to bring file every time during your future visit. SMH is 65 bedded multispeciality hospital. We have various rooms like General Ac/ Non AC, Semi special Ac/Non Ac, Special and deluxe rooms. Patient will be guided for the room rent and other care charges during the admission. Further, you will be required to make an advance deposit payment. The Deposit can be adjusted against the final bill at the time of discharge. Deposit is also required to be paid on day to day basis (Cash patient)

At SMH, you will find various cash TPAs/corporate credit facilities. Those looking for the cashless route would have to visit the Cashless desk / TPA desk for the hospitalisation of the patient. The staff will accompany the patient/relative to the agreed room/bed and make you feel comfortable. We do have terms and condition related to cashless process. Kindly go through our Cashless/ TPAs section and read more about our terms and conditions. We do believe in fair practice of care.

Patient/ relatives are requested to follow rules and regulation of SMH for the well-being and proper care of patient at SMH.

SMH, accepts all medico legal and Trauma cases.