Patients Rights

Accessibility and availability

  • To access medical care facility regardless of caste, religion, nationality, disability or source of payment of your bills.
  • To be provided with immediate care at the time of emergency
  • To complain, in case of any delay or improper services without the care being affected, to concerned authority.

Dignity and privacy of patients

  • To receive due respect for personal dignity
  • To be provided with suitable privacy for undergoing examination, certain procedures and treatment.
  • To be responded to spiritual and religious beliefs in a polite & respectful manner without obstructing the ongoing treatment and in accordance with the hospital policies

Right to information and education

  • Patients have a right to be informed and educated in a language and format that you can understand
  • To be informed about the services and care available at the hospital
  • To have information of care providers
  • To be informed about disease, care plan, alternative plans and possible outcomes
  • To be educated about safe and effective use of medicines, and their potential side effects, diet and nutrition requirements, Immunization, prevention of infections, where applicable
  • To access hospital / organization’s information as per right to information act

Involvement in decision making

  • To receive all information regarding your disease and care plan
  • To accept or refuse the medical treatment
  • To give your informed consent before treatment begins
  • To withdraw your consent and refuse treatment at anytime.
  • To be fully involved in decision about your care and to be given the opportunity to ask questions

Treatment cost

  • To be provided with the rough estimate of your bill amount.
  • In case of planned hospitalization to be provided with interim bills except for packages.
  • To get information of day to day hospital bills in accordance with the hospital policy

Confidentiality of information

  • All information regarding treatment and care (medical or non-medical) is ideally kept confidential except in instances where disclosure is required by law
  • Families also may be denied disclosure of some kinds of information, unless permitted to by the patient. This will not apply to minors, and individuals who are incapable of exercising rational decision-making. Only those personnel have the right to access patient information, who are involved in the care of the patient or specifically authorized by the hospital.

Voicing of complaint

  • To voice your complaints in case you feel aggrieved.
  • To receive feedback on action taken on complaints registered by you in the hospital

Protection and safety

  • To have a safe and protected environment for Family and relatives
  • To be protected from abuse, neglect, assault, harassment, unnecessary use of restraint, manhandling and other similar instances

Patient’s Responsibilities

Dignity and privacy of patients

  • To provide your correct & detailed history of your healthcare problem to the doctor.
  • To provide complete and accurate information including full name, address and other information.
  • To follow the treatment plans established by the consultant doctor, nurse, and the healthcare professionals.
  • To abide by the rules and regulations established by the Hospital ( eg. No Smoking in hospital premises )
  • To clarify all the doubts regarding your treatment or diagnosis with the healthcare providers
  • To follow all the scheduled consultations / appointments set up by the doctors on time and to provide prior information in case of any cancelation or rescheduling.
  • Not to take any medication without the knowledge of Doctors/healthcare providers and not to give prescribed medication to other patients / individual.

Dignity and privacy of patients

  • To provide information in situations where the medical condition of the patients worsens or the patient is not following the expected course.
  • To be aware that you are solely responsible for the consequences in case of discontinuation of treatment prescribed by the care provider during the hospital stay
  • To understand that in case you leave against medical advice it will be at your own risk
  • To pay all the hospital bills in timely manner and to provide complete and accurate information on insurance plans.
  • To co-operate with the staff for maintaining the cleanliness and administrative procedures of the hospital
  • To follow the hospital rules and regulations
  • Responsibility of your belongings lies with you.