MCI has now included Critical care as superspeciality- Like- Cardiology, neurology, nephrology etc.

What is a critical care speciality?

  • As we know, in ICU, we have all sick patients, who are on multiple support systems or on very intense monitoring equipment.
  • So, any primary speciality may require the support of critical care (Intensive Care), if any complication arises or if they require very close monitoring.
  • Patients, who are not breathing well, or whose oxygen level is not maintained (Like in COVID), or patients, whose multiple organs are failing( Liver, kidney, brain )- All requires ICU support.
  • Likewise- Heart attack patients, Brain stroke patients, Complicated surgical patients, and septic patients, all require ICU backup.
  • Critical Care is run by a trained doctor- who has specialized themselves in the field of critical care- managing all such kinds of patients. Their role is to manage the patients and coordinate with all other specialities for the best patient outcome. They also have a role in counselling the relatives regarding the patient’s condition and and to explain outcome , cost etc.